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custom homes and renovations

Cataldo Builders Inc.

Trusted in the Pocono Area

for the past 30 years

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Custom Home Design and Floor Plans

Sit down with Michael and design your new home step by step just the way that you have always imagined it. 

Cataldo Builders does more than just Homes

Michael has done a wide variety of carpentry over the years such as commercial finishing, and also custom built treehouses. He was even featured on Animal Planets Treehouse Masters with the Nelson Treehouse crew!

Get the Kitchen of your dreams

Michael takes pride in his work down to every last detail. He has done a multitude of custom built and designed kitchens over the years.

Winter snow removal

The pocono area is well known for brutal winters. Michael is well prepared with over 50 residential driveways that he plows during the winter months.

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