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Custom homes

        I sit down with my customers and truly listen to their needs and wants. For example, I find out what the wife, husband, children etc. needs are and try to fulfill them. Most people know the style home they are looking for. They just might be confused on some of the other particulars like square footage, two or three car garages, number of bedrooms and type of kitchen they would like. All of these items are extremely important in the building process.

        I would never like any of my customers to say “I should have did this or that.” I go through the house on paper and thoroughly discuss each aspect of the project before breaking ground. Then there is no mistake on either side of the table on what my customer is expecting in their new home or construction project.

Remodeling/ Renovation

        Perhaps location, schools and friends are a big factor in renovating your home. Whether I will be renovating or building a new home, you owe it to yourself to call Michael Cataldo, Builder first. I have a very good relationship with many local banks and real estate offices to help the customer with a land purchase. I will set the customer up with the right people to get them started on their new construction or renovation project. I treat my renovation projects no different than a new home. A renovation project has to be handled in a special way. Three things have to happen: I will be working on your house while you are living in it. I will have to try not to interrupt your daily lifestyle; Two –I want to make your renovation look as if it was a built with the house and that takes designing skills; Three –I want to cover all of your renovation needs and get everything your original house was lacking and just get to everything to service your needs.

Winter Snow Plowing

      I have been plowing snow in the Penn Forest are for as long as I have been in business. If there is an emergency or situation that a customer's driveway needs to be plowed ahead of others, I will be happy to acomodate. I currently have over 50 driveways that I plow.

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